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It’s hard to find someone that can be a dental practice game changer and we found it with Steve Cartin! As an insurance friendly practice, we often found ourselves devoting significant time and resources to trying to get insurance breakdown information. …..Then Steve arrived! Since then, he has worked even harder than we have to make sure that every detail of our practice protocols are carefully and consistently followed. His team has made one of the most stressful parts of every day practice vanish with strong consistency and reliability. Not too many people in my life I can say this about! Thank you, Dental Office Support !!

Dr. Dan Kubikian, Periodontist,
Sewell, NJ

Steve and his team have completely transformed our practice with their services. We placed our trust in him to get insurance verification break downs and they have not disappointed us. His entire team has been wonderful to work with. I have also recommended his services to other offices who have had the same experience as we have; exceptional!

Practice Administrator, Consultant, Author
O’Fallon, MO

We had a great experience with Steve and everyone at Dental Office Support. It was really a seamless process to get setup. Once we were up and running they were great with making sure we had everything we needed before the patient was ever seen. Their method for verification is extremely accurate and straight forward. I would highly recommend their services.


Dr. Mary Gaddis

Practice Owner
Durham, NC

We count on your team every day. We can’t always get the history, coverage or benefit information we need from online. And in a busy office, staying on hold just doesn’t work. Thank you for being a great remote partner who gets the job done and gets it right!

Kim Berry, Insurance Coordinator
Statesboro, GA

To have a service that will get all history, eligibility and benefits at this price is a ‘no-brainer’ for me! This saves from having to hire a new employee, not to mention health insurance, vacation days and sick days too. It eliminates the need for additional phone lines and space for another team member.

Dr. Ron Bryant
North Augusta, SC
Practice Owner (retired)

Cartin Coaching has been an amazing asset to our office in assistance with all levels of insurance verifications. In fact, Steve is extremely hands-on and responsive to my office needs in every way. I appreciate the accuracy and the patience they have taken to make my office insurance process seamless and painless. They are truly a great addition in any office- I highly recommend.


Dr. Helen Tong
West Orange, NJ
Practice Owner (Pedo)

We have been using Dental Office Support’s insurance verifications for more than two years and it has been a great experience. We would spend hours looking up eligibility and benefits. This service has allowed us to free up time in our day to focus on other things in the office. We would highly recommend to any dental office!

Kristen McKee
Office Manager
Augusta, GA

Outsourcing our insurance verification tasks to Dental Office Support has allowed my Front Office Team the time to focus more on vital in-office administrative tasks. They have been a great resourceto assist us in providing accurate insurance estimates to our patients, which makes the entire treatment planning process go much smoother. I highly recommend their services!

Dr. Stephen Boh
Practice Owner
Nashville, TN

My wife and I purchased a dental practice from a sole practitioner and immediately had to make changes with systems and staffing to accommodate two dentists. Steve was amazing at helping us create a welcoming and streamlined new patient experience. Steve is an expert in managing financial arrangements with patients and provided effective messaging in simplifying complex treatment plans for patients to understand. Steve is an incredible consultant and practice administrator. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Dr. Michael Shirer
Practice Owner
Aiken, SC

Dental Office Support

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